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Star Trek Into Darkness Science Errors


To propel the Big E to safety, the bomb would have to transfer momentum to the ship. Every time you fuse two nuclei lighter than that together, you get energy. It is a small thing, but to anyone who knows science, it is glaring, and just shows that most people who worked on this movie know very little about physics and So there’s a limit to how fast the Enterprise could safely rise, which would decrease the pressure. http://cpresourcesllc.com/star-trek/star-trek-science-errors.php

A major plot point in STAR TREK INTO OBSCURITY is that a new class of starship is secretly being built in Jupiter orbit. I actually liked the 2009 reboot, mostly (see below), and liked all the series and movies to a certain degree (except Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, but c’mon, right?). What would really happen is the ship would be vaporized from the massive release of energy." Thank you, Phil, for your article. And that’s a big reason, despite my snarky joking about it here, the science errors strewn throughout Trek don’t really bug me.

Star Trek Next Generation Mistakes

Wearing space suits, they fall from orbit, land on the drill, fight the Romulans, and destroy the drill.

The Science: Well, there's lots of bad and good science here. Once prediction is that orbiting neutron stars or black holes produce gravitational waves -- ripples in the very fabric of spacetime. And for all the inspiration it drew from the space program, Star Trek returned the favor in spades, inspiring subsequent generations of scientists and engineers (myself included) to work on the

Yet they cross the barrier a least one other time later in the series (“By Any Other Name”) with no ill effects. When the camera is on Kirk at first, the corridor behind him on his left is clear; when it cuts to Spock, a girl in a red engineering uniform with her That would be a bit impractical as they would have to shut down once actually wants to transport sth.. Star Trek Beyond Mistakes Help, please?

If you are the kind of person who gets mortally offended when Trek defies its own history, then you should really just let it go. Bad Science In Star Trek Into Darkness In vitro might be their best option anyway. How many Springfield's are there in the U.S.? In short, the situation in the movie was not sufficiently explained and does go against the laws of physics and gravity.

As said above, the visual was very cool and quite realistic -- if one were to "flash freeze" some lava, it woud turn into exactly what we saw. Scientific Inaccuracies In Star Trek There are a number of other such inconsistencies**, but they’re mostly in the realm of story-world science. At 1:40:14 the Enterprise central power grid fails, but, being so far from earth, the gravitational pull is not strong enough to pull an object that hard, especially that far from It was deeply personal, and we sympathize with Kirk; we hurt when he gets hurt, and we feel his triumph when he wins.

Bad Science In Star Trek Into Darkness

All rights reserved. There is an is an analogous situation with gravitational waves. Star Trek Next Generation Mistakes And why not just beam the bomb into the volcano in the first place? Star Trek Beyond Science The radius of the moon is 1700 km and it fills up the screen, so they must have been about 1000 km away from it.

Also, a supernova happens when a very massive star at the end of its life explodes. navigate here Um, what? [Update (May 17, 16:30 UTC): A few folks have pointed out that in the original series, Khan and the Eugenics Wars happened in the 20th century, so that birthdate So I have a few problems with this. A gravitational field curves, too (otherwise ours wouldn't curve with the surface of the Earth). 237000 Km To Miles

May 9, 2009 1:14 amGerman Trek FanShare On TwitterShare On Googlehey, this new Star Trek movie is set in an alternative universe. Edit Charles Austin Miller Continuity mistake: Just before Spock and Kirk go to seek out Harrison, Kirk is examined by Bones. How fast are they traveling? Check This Out Millions of degrees hot.

And even then, nitrogen would remain in the bloodstream of all the crew members on the Enterprise for 24 hours. Star Trek Beyond Goofs I suppose you can get around this by saying Vulcan is an old planet and has solidified all the way down to the core, but you still have the rock pressure That is why the direction they are falling follows a circular pattern.

Well, me, certainly.] There were others, but I don’t feel the need to go into too many details, because, honestly, they were secondary to the real reasons this movie didn’t resonate

In fact, if we were to take this new movie to be an exact historical record, such an altered reality (one in which there are non-Nero/Spock created differences) would be the Clearly this is a project approved at the highest levels of Starfleet and whatever government exists on Earth in the 23rd century. It’s easy to forgive one or two of those, but it just kept happening all throughout the flick. That absorbs heat to change chemical bonds, but it is too inefficient for the amount of energy absorption we need here.

Assuming that the "Many Worlds" interpretation of quantum physics is correct, the Alternate Reality could be different in an number of ways, and not just in the ways affected by Nero's May 18, 2013 5:01 pmUnbel1everShare On TwitterShare On Google19. Star Trek BeyondStar TrekStar Wars: Episode VII - The Force AwakensCaptain America: Civil WarX-Men: ApocalypseStar Wars Search this title More... this contact form Share your ranty spoiler-filled thoughts in the comments. 3 Comments Already Jennifer says: May 24, 2013 at 6:37 am I just saw the movie last night so its fresh in my

Pretty cool. Why isn’t it likely to work? so the did everything right. When they rematerialized on the transporter pad it placed them just above the floor…as a dramatic effect on the filmmaker's part.

But if he could, how would he go about it? It was no surprise to me at all—despite having avoided nearly all spoilers—that he was the surprise main villain (I was pretty sure it was going to be either him or How to properly localize numbers? It gets a bit squiffy from there because gravity increases as you get closer but it would certainly take ages for the enterprise to hit the earth but it would eventually

If so, I apologize for only stating it here at the end. Really? They should have used volcanic ash as an excuse." They did, didn't they? Past that, and they can't even bruise our fragile ozone layer.

Sure, the timeline changed, and so did his motives, but in the end what that means is that Khan was too distant. Harrison could have been bits of molecules for a few hours until he reached Kronos. So, we can all agree that we’re in a safe space here, and that Lindelof is inviting this kind of discussion. And they did!

The Enterprise and her crew are taking a risk when they are out there exploring the unknown, days or even months from home or the closest reinforcements.