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TrekCore has a gallery with 387 HD screen caps from this episode. After the angle change it's thinner and shin height. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Chr... $7.83, Save 48% 7. This shows the filming stopped to put the cigars into their mouths. have a peek here

Edit Q Who? - S2-E16 Visible crew/equipment: In the observation lounge, you can see a shadow from a crew person on armrest of the chair on the bottom left of the Shame it's not longer. Even very critical fans who (unlike me) complain about small imperfections such as upscaled SD footage or not so perfect ship shots will find practically no fault with this Blu-ray set. A second later, his left hand is down by his side.

Tng Remastered Netflix

Edit The Naked Now - S1-E3 Continuity mistake: At the very beginning of the Episode, Picard makes a log entry stating that the Enterprise is heading for the USS Tsiolkovsky at The pixely original graphics were replaced with HD animations for TNG-R: "The Wounded". The other crew members rush in and Troi scans his hand.

  1. If all detonated, the last three weren't shown, but Tasha reported detonation after only five.
  2. Edit Movie Nut Devil's Due - S4-E13 Continuity mistake: As the camera does a close up on the shuttle craft's forward window as it approaches the Enterprise, the dorsal section is
  3. He says, "I applied the energy asymptomatically", when he meant "asymptotically." (The subtitles for this scene are correct).
  4. Edit poehitman Ship in a Bottle - S6-E12 Other mistake: In the transporter room, Data asks the computer what file log is shown.
  5. Same with Voyager.
  6. Robert Simandl Aug 01, 2012 I e-mailed Monday morning and haven't gotten a reply yet.
  7. When the scene was recreated for TNG-R: "Encounter at Farpoint", the origin of the beam was moved to the phaser strip.
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  9. See the gallery with 472 screen caps from this episode at TrekCore. 31 Jul 2013 The next article in our series: Observations in TNG: "The Hunted", an episode with several great

Anyway… I've been watching S-2 on BBC America (the only season they are showing in HD, for some reason). Appearing on the bridge, Worf's left hand is on Data's leg, his right hand on Data's wrist. TrekRules Honestly, these are minor issues. Star Trek Deep Space Nine Remastered Edit Movie Nut Encounter at Farpoint (1) - S1-E1 Continuity mistake: As Riker looks at the wooded scene on the holodeck, the water is flat calm, but when the camera looks

icy hot Aug 02, 2012 On the second disc now. Star Trek The Next Generation Remastered Comparison The camera is in almost a direct line of sight between where the rocks are (which are supposed to be providing the light source) and Wesley with the cavern wall behind When Picard comes to question him, the input and display units are gone. It is also no longer on a mission "to explore strange new worlds" but is engaging in "stellar chart mapping".

Find the HD cap gallery of the episode at TrekCore. 20 Jan 2014 Here is our article with Observations in TNG: "Family". Star Trek Next Generation Remastered Vs Original Temba, his arms wide! 17 Jun 2014 After going through all episodes, here is our season 5 update of the article on Notable Changes in TNG Remastered. It is my least favorite TNG episode, but it comes with eye candy in the form of the Crystalline Entity. Thankfully, I was in the perfect place at the perfect time to bring it to their attention.

Star Trek The Next Generation Remastered Comparison

Some of The Episodes are in Full Frame Season 7 Episodes are all in full frame and the latter half of season 6 are but Season 1-6 are in this new The light effects were redone for TNG-R: "Lessons" and are more vibrant (and more menacing) now. Tng Remastered Netflix Moore and Mike & Denise Okuda on 'Relics'" , Deleted Scenes (HD): "Times Arrow, Part II", "Relics" Episodic Promos: Promo #1 (SD), Promo #2 (SD), Promo #3 (SD), Promo #4 (SD), Star Trek Next Generation Hd Netflix Replacements will be received after the 10th as other people have stated.

Legal Terms Sections Info Starships FleetYards Treknology Episodes Database Fandom Community Social Support Site Map FAQ Contact News Updates EAS Today Trek Feeds Info Starships FleetYards Treknology Episodes http://cpresourcesllc.com/star-trek/star-trek-scientific-errors.php Post-production house CBS Digital was widely, and deservedly, lauded for their work which is amongst the best restorative work ever done on a Blu-ray title in the history of the format. Although Wesley identifies the shuttle as "Shuttle 2" in TNG: "Samaritan Snare", it can be clearly seen in this reused shot from "Unnatural Selection" that he and the captain are departing When Data checks various files to find out how to detect cloaked Romulan ships in TNG: "Redemption II", many pages of text quickly flash by. Star Trek The Next Generation Remastered Amazon Prime

See the gallery with 408 HD screen caps from this episode at TrekCore. 10 Sep 2013 We continue our series with Observations in TNG: "The Offspring". Yükleniyor... Çalışıyor... If they can get these simple things right in the 1980s, why can't they do it right now? http://cpresourcesllc.com/star-trek/star-trek-uniform-errors.php Edit johnrosa Bloodlines - S7-E22 Continuity mistake: When Jason and Picard are having a conversation in the holodeck, Jason says "I remember her telling me about all the boys and girls

A flower pot is visible in this shot in TNG: "The Arsenal of Freedom". Star Trek Tng Widescreen The birthplace "Mogadishu, Somalia" was added. For whatever reason, be it the outcry or something more internal, TrekCore reports HTV will NOT be involved in the remastering of the fourth season.

These are minor minor issues.

Hats off to CBS for making this right & doing so very quickly. The animation of the interior of the Dyson sphere was created anew for TNG-R: "Relics". Edit The Drumhead - S4-E21 Other mistake: The ship warp core was damaged by an explosion earlier and was offline in the first 32 minutes of the episode. Star Trek Ds9 Hd Crusher's hands are crossed even though Data is still on the same sentence.

In some other episodes of the first season there are still visible set borders left. Season 3 Description TNG Comparison TNG to TNG-R Description TNG-R In the original version of TNG: "Evolution" the smoke, which was added in post production, fills the whole bridge. The hands playing the flute are obviously not his. http://cpresourcesllc.com/star-trek/star-trek-science-errors.php Since his heart is in normal time, being away from the bowl of fruit, there is no way his fingernails could have grown like that - his heart is only supplying

They're also seriously missing out on an opportunity if they don't remaster DS9 and VOY too. It can never be perfect, I agree with that, but every little bit of improvement counts and there are lots of fans who are going to appreciate it. Then relink each button.