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Tom Burnett 225,583 views 5:52 Everything Wrong With Star Trek Into Darkness In 7 Minutes Or Less - Duration: 8:21. Picard are talking in the hallway and a male crew member is in the background wearing a female's uniform.There are no "male" or "female" uniforms in Star Trek: The Next Generation. But that would cause a big explosion; you’re heating someone up to very high temperatures, so at the very least the steam explosion (from all your water content vaporizing) would be Edit Quantom X Tin Man - S3-E20 Continuity mistake: To view their orders and mission, Data puts a drive into the Enterprise's computer while standing with Riker and Geordi. have a peek here

Edit Movie Nut We'll Always Have Paris - S1-E24 Continuity mistake: The red towel Picard holds goes from draped over the front of the arm rest, to over his hand between For one thing the Earth's distance from the sun is not 186 million miles, its average distance from the sun is 92.955807 million miles. Riker into an empty cargo bay to tell Riker to keep a close eye on the admiral at all times, yet by separating Riker from the admiral to explain this, Picard Working...

Star Trek Voyager Mistakes

Edit Movie Nut Loud as a Whisper - S2-E5 Audio problem: We hear Reva's female member of his choir say "I have been expecting you", but her mouth doesn't move. Edit Ensign Ro - S5-E3 Continuity mistake: When Ro and Picard are among Ro's people and she gives her jacket to a child (saying something like 'this is what I was, Care to nominate an episode you think is worse than one of these fatal five? (To be fair, our list is rather blatantly Wesley Crusher-free.) Destiny awaits in the comments section.

Assassin's Creed trailer Hollywood jumps without CGI Dr. In the earlier episode "True Q", Amanda Rodgers learns that her parents were Q. (*facepalm*) King Daniel Beyond, Mar 24, 2011 #7 jaime likes this. Crusher, Data tackles Lore and knocks the phaser out of Lore's hand. Interesting?

Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook | Twitter | Permalink Hideoptions While Picard and Riker talk to Data at the science station at the start of the episode, you Star Trek Mistakes Edit Samaritan Snare - S2-E17 Continuity mistake: Wesley says that he's departing shuttle bay 2, but on the floor, it says shuttle bay 3. The series producers later formalized their stardate system so that they take place in the order the episodes air. There was either a typo in the script or the actor misspoke the scripted 46579.2.

Edit Show generally Continuity mistake: In the early episodes, Geordi's rank is inconsistent. Toggle navigation Menu Social Login Top pages Best mistakes Best pictures Most movie mistakes Most mistakes of 2016 Best mistakes of 2016 IMDb top 250 Recent updates Current releases Cinema/rental charts Crusher then asks "metaconscious?" As a Star Fleet doctor, she's had to study the neurology of Betazoids, Vulcans, and other telepaths. Edit Movie Nut Time's Arrow (1) - S5-E26 Character mistake: When the artifacts from the late 19th century, found in a cave, are identified by the away team, Data identifies the

Star Trek Mistakes

stumbling, slurred speech... Edit Encounter at Farpoint (2) - S1-E2 Continuity mistake: The "loose rock" Wesley falls from didn't move at all the way it did with Riker. Star Trek Voyager Mistakes He then turns around and she hugs him from behind. Star Trek Bloopers The computer reply is "Transport Log 759", Data confirms "That is the correct log", but the screen reads "Transport Log 721".

And don’t even get me started on sex with a Klingon. http://cpresourcesllc.com/star-trek/star-trek-scientific-errors.php Edit Skin of Evil - S1-E23 Continuity mistake: Several episodes have stardates after this episode, but still have Tasha Yar in them (even though she dies in this episode). Overcast-ST 140,120 views 7:43 Star Trek, The Gag Reel - Duration: 6:40. Riker is seen standing but leaning casually away from Data on Data's right, and Geordi is standing off to Data's left.

Edit Datalore - S1-E13 Continuity mistake: After drinking some spiked Champagne from Lore, Data falls backward, yet lands on his face. Picard: Make it so. Edit Cubs Fan Yesterday's Enterprise - S3-E15 Revealing mistake: When Tasha and Castillo walk up to the bar in Ten Forward, Whoopi Goldberg can be seen standing outside the door waiting http://cpresourcesllc.com/star-trek/star-trek-uniform-errors.php When he wakes up he finds it to his left.

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However, the effects of this cause pilot Tom Paris to start mutating, growing and absorbing various organs, which understandably makes him a little nuts.

Still, as a scientist, I can’t help but notice that every now and again, just sometimes, maybe, Trek ventures into some pretty dicey science territory. The Hansen's were on a secret mission, following up on information given to Starfleet by the rescued El Aurians, and by the Enterprise crew who tracked the Borg signal to the The movements of the people is identical. Edit Grumpy Scot A Matter of Time - S5-E9 Continuity mistake: When the Enterprise activates the deflector dish, there are four points emitting beams.

Edit The Drumhead - S4-E21 Continuity mistake: At the end, Picard is looking out the window when Worf comes in. The transporter chief had put up a forcefield around the transporter chamber, in case something goes wrong. Edit Force of Nature - S7-E9 Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where the Enterprise encounters the Ferengi transport ship, the boom microphone is visible behind Commander Riker just as Data sits http://cpresourcesllc.com/star-trek/star-trek-science-errors.php Edit Movie Nut Nth Degree - S4-E19 Continuity mistake: When Barclay enters the Holodeck to create an interface, he calls for a chair, an input for the left and a display

Edit Movie Nut The Child - S2-E1 Continuity mistake: When checking Ian's pulse, Pulaski reaches out with her left hand, but her right arm retracts after the angle change. Corral simulation into Data, complete with lethal android strength and speed, is just idiotic. trivia How the Grinch Stole Christmas quotes Jim Carrey 25 mistakes you never noticed in great movies Titanic photos The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 trailer Pokemon: Red and A split second later in Ten Forward, his hair is up and back from his forehead in the familiar style.

Edit Conspiracy - S1-E25 Continuity mistake: In the beginning of this episode, Riker orders Geordi (who was navigator at the time) to increase to Warp 6.