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Shades of Gray [Video preview] Say what you will about the episodes listed above, at least they were actual episodes. Slate Sign In Sign Up Resistance Is Futile: The Illogical Science of Star Trek Resistance Is Futile: The Illogical Science of Star Trek Slate Sign In Sign Up SlateBad AstronomyThe entire PTWritten by Shawn King Slate:…as a scientist, I can’t help but notice that every now and again, just sometimes, maybe, Trek ventures into some pretty dicey science territory. The camera then cuts directly in front of Captain Picard and you can see Troi scanning his wrist but he isn't holding his wrist anymore. have a peek here

Edit Where No One Has Gone Before - S1-E6 Continuity mistake: Picard addresses the ballerina as ensign, when in fact she has no pips on her uniform, making her a crewman. tarnationsauce2 1.888.550 görüntüleme 14:59 Star Trek Mistakes 7 (fair use criticism for comedic purpose only) - Süre: 2:48. The transporter chief had put up a forcefield around the transporter chamber, in case something goes wrong. Source: Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual. 8) Gene Roddenberry banned stories about warfare with Romulans or Klingons.

Misuse Of Astronomical Terms In Media

And don’t even get me started on sex with a Klingon. Beemulan Formal 539.340 görüntüleme 6:05 How Close Are We To Star Trek's Warp Drive? - Süre: 5:09. Full Bio Contact See all of Jay's content Google+ jaygarmon × Full Bio Jay Garmon has a vast and terrifying knowledge of all things obscure, obtuse, and irrelevant. Edit Twotall When The Bough Breaks - S1-E17 Audio problem: Riker's lips don't match what he is saying when we hear Riker's statement of being surprised when Tasha hasn't heard of

So if we assume the engine was in contact with the fragment for 1 second then time is actually moving at 4,060,800 times the normal rate - not 47 or 50 And don’t say “to save on effects budgets”. 2. Solon Isonomia 2013-05-16 12:29:16 PM The Bad Astronomer: And thanks for thesubmission, Subby, but the article is actually more about why I love Trek. :) I really doD'oh, I knew Star Trek Technobabble Edit Datalore - S1-E13 Character mistake: At the end of the episode, after Lore has been defeated, Picard asks Data if he is O.K.

Crusher is on the Bridge all alone, right before the "universe" collapses, you can see a cameraman on a boom in the black plastic next to the turbo-lift behind her. Edit jbrbbt Dark Page - S7-E7 Character mistake: When Troi is talking with Picard and Dr. Edit Tin Man - S3-E20 Continuity mistake: At the end of the episode, Deanna and Data are discussing what happened aboard Tin Man. The tears of a clone In Alien: Resurrection (also known as An Alien Film Too Far), the Ripley clone has memories of her old self.

It’s not clear exactly what a phaser does, though. Uss Enterprise Edit Movie Nut Contagion - S2-E11 Continuity mistake: As Worf goes to enter the portal to the Enterprise carrying Data, his right hand is free, and his left is holding Data's Again, this is not how it happens: evolutionary pressures work on what is already there, mutations do not happen in response to the environment. 15. That is a profoundly hopeful future, one where we make it off this planet and into the depths of space.

Bad Science In Star Trek Into Darkness

That’s fine, and as long as it’s internally consistent in the story I’m happy. Lütfen daha sonra yeniden deneyin. 6 Kas 2008 tarihinde yüklendiA list of my favorite star trek mistakes, compiled from GeneralGrin's list of star trek mistakes. Misuse Of Astronomical Terms In Media Photo: YOUTUBE Image1of4 Jurassic Park does its bit for techno-realismPhoto: YOUTUBE By Tom Chivers 7:30AM BST 09 Oct 2009 Follow Comments Being a science-geek film fan can be exhausting. Star Trek Into Darkness Science The reflection shows that Riker is suddenly almost leaning over Data's shoulder, and Geordi has moved to standing behind Data's left shoulder.

Edit Movie Nut The Price - S3-E8 Continuity mistake: When talking to Ral, Riker takes a sip of his drink, sets the glass down, and clasps his hands. http://cpresourcesllc.com/star-trek/star-trek-legacy-lan-fix.php Visible light. I thought that was a Cheetos fueled hallucination. Dommerz 406.075 görüntüleme 2:59 Prelude to Axanar - Süre: 21:10. Star Trek Continuity Errors

All the while you still hear the sound of the taxi cab. Compare the movement of the stars inside the rings and the star field outside the rings - they move in different directions compared to each other. All rights reserved. http://cpresourcesllc.com/star-trek/star-trek-science-errors.php However, it very definitely will not happen overnight and cause some ice-tsunami thing.

Also why didn't they just transport the core of one of those torpedos on Nero's ship outside of its casing?And even better yet, if the transporter is all that great then Star Trek Wiki The "end of the universe" in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" was created from the shimmering reflective patterns from a pan of water. Otomatik oynat Otomatik oynatma etkinleştirildiğinde, önerilen bir video otomatik olarak oynatılır.

Even if it was only that far to Hoth, and even if “sub-light” meant relativistic near-light speeds, we could still expect several years’ journey time.

Later they have apparently recovered it. Edit Movie Nut Encounter at Farpoint (1) - S1-E1 Continuity mistake: The court announcer and the bell ringer bow respectively, and Q starts to depart. Edit Matty Blast Liasons - S7-E2 Continuity mistake: For some reason the back of the chairs in Picard's shuttlecraft have Romulan insignia on them. Star Trek Enterprise Edit Movie Nut Show generally Revealing mistake: Although they appear metallic, the Klingons' costumes are made of leather and squeak when the actors move.

Edit Movie Nut Darmok - S5-E2 Revealing mistake: When Picard takes his seat in the Captain's chair after informing Dathon's crew he has been killed, the reflection of an overhead rig So no Waterworld-style water world. As he flies past his father at the anvil a crew member is seen sitting by the double doors behind him. http://cpresourcesllc.com/star-trek/star-trek-into-darkness-science-errors.php Science friction If you’re moving in space, you will not stop if your engines get blown up, whatever Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home may tell you.

Data also notes the disturbance extends outward from the hull, about 17 meters from the ship and is spherical in shape. Edit Movie Nut Conspiracy - S1-E25 Revealing mistake: As Riker swings on Quinn, and a moment later, tossed onto a glass table, both times it can be seen that it's Riker's