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Sundance Spa Error Code Fl1


If not, replace the flow switch. Torrance October 12, 2015 Reply My sundance cayman hot tub is not heating up the water, I am not getting any fault codes on the control panel. This must be repaired only be a Sundance Spas dealer or qualified service technician. Brian Nulf May 05, 2014 Reply Also if the circulation switch isn't engaging (lolly pop looking thing just points straight up and doesn't move) is that because the switch is bad weblink

Proper water flow is inhibited or flow/pressure switch may be obstructed, misaligned, or defective.Troubleshooting Steps:1. Check that the power feed cable from the circ pump to the PWA does not have any breaks/cuts in it and it is making a good connection. Most often this is caused by a dirty filter.The heater will not turn on when there is a FL1 error. Can you please let me know what could be the problem.

Sundance Spa Error Codes

Measure resistance across switch terminals for infinite resistance with pump off. The Cover Guy manufacturers custom hot tub covers for all the Jacuzzi Spa models. If the red light comes on use your multimeter to check for 240vac at test points J9 and J10 on your PWA.

If not, cut the power again and remove the filters. thanks a lot for the help! Did your error code go away? Sundance Spa Flo Error The indicator light located on the front cabinet panel of the spa is an early detection system that will notify you when the spa needs immediate attention.

Shut the power down to the hot tub and contact the dealer or service technician if the problem continues.Water is below set tempCondition that provides freeze protection and activates if temps Jacuzzi Hot Tub Error Code Fl1 If continuity is measured with pump off, the switch is defective. (Or debris blockage, l which you have to remove switch and inspect. WATCHDOG Error Code: - - - or - - - - The most common cause of theWatchdogerror code are the sensors, specifically the temperature sensor. The heater must have come on at some point because the water has warmed up to 70 degrees from around 50 when I filled it.

The pump turned on like it should. Sundance Spa Circulation Pump Problem I'm a technician but don't have much experience on spas. If you try and reset your breaker, sometimes it comes on but it will probably go back into Watchdog error - - - -. Indicates a shorted sensor and spa is shut down or an open sensor and heater is disabled.Contact a Jacuzzi hot tubs dealer or a service technician.Sn2Stands for “Sensor 2” and displays

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Error Code Fl1

dustin November 13, 2014 Reply will do!! CLOSED or SHORTED FLOW SWITCH ON SYSTEM STARTUP (system disabled) Flow switch is non-functional. Sundance Spa Error Codes When the spa was moved, it was done with the pump cavity facing down. Sundance Spa Flow Switch Testing Check wiring harness, If wiring harness tests OK, then Circuit Board is possibly defective.5.

I have also run the tub for a few minutes on pump 1 to see if that shakes the flow switch loose, it didn't clear the error. have a peek at these guys April 13, 2014 Reply Patty normally the ICE msg comes up when a freeze condition is detected. It is the small metal sensor attached to the side of the heater tube. I am ready to take it to the curb! Sundance Flow Switch

If condition persists, contact your Sundance Spas dealer or qualified service technician. May 16, 2014 Reply Joseph the PWA is your main circuit board inside the Sentry Control Box. The J- 210 is a throwback to the original hot tub round design. check over here Seal UltraClear Filters Unicel US Motors by Nidec Corporation Valterra Vico Vita Spas Vulcan Water Quality Management Waterway Wildwater Zetler Zodiac Zorbie Spa Accessories Spa Air Products Spa Circuit Boards Spa

Next make sure the weir gate is not sticking in the upright position and it is bobbing up and down with the pump on. Sundance Spa Troubleshooting Forum Power fluctuation in the secondary power line is causing the DC voltage to be low. Please add an item to your cart to view shipping cost.

Patty Dechellis April 13, 2014 Reply so should i turn the jets on?

Why would the pump 2 not turn on when you push the button? Wrap a rag around the hose to get a tight fit and turn the hose on full. Backyard BlastNews, Tips, Recipes, FAQ & Fun Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Error Codes & Information on June 11, 2015 in Hot Tub Maintenance Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and SpasThe family behind Jacuzzi Hot Sundance Spa Reset See “Summer Log” below.3.

Where do I go from here? All rights reserved. Try to reset power to spa. http://cpresourcesllc.com/sundance-spa/sundance-spa-code-fl1.php If the heater does not come on at all then more than likely the Flow Switch is defective and needs to be replaced. 3.Flow Switch Test: You can test to see

Could this be a flow switch issue, if so is there a way to eliminate the switch and verify that the pcb is functional and at the same time determine if The spa deactivates in this situation.DO NOT GET INTO THE WATER. It has been an off-and-on problem recently, according to the former owners of the house. Jets pump(s) operate until the hot tub is out of danger. *Note: The error commonly occurs when the hot tub is first filled because tap water is often very cold.

Joseph Turner May 16, 2014 Reply I have a sundance hot tub. A.O. The circulation pump is not working although the temperature set point is not reached. Low speed jets pump 1 and optional circulation pump (if your spa is equipped) activates to circulate water through heater.DO NOT GET INTO THE WATER.

now I am getting a F1 error code i change the water and changed the filter which did not work. Justin L. The Jacuzzi Spa J-280 features four deep bucket seats, and basic jetting keeping the cost down. You should have 240VAC +/- 10%.