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Supra Error Codes


Invalid command. Please perform eSYNC. 9B15 Sync Code Location not found Indicates the ‘SyncCodeLoc’ tag was not found in an AuthorizeClient response. The lamp goes off automatically when the malfunction has been repaired. Is it next to the battery and can be seen in the figure to the right. check over here

Access denied. Trouble Area ECU 34 Turbocharger Pressure Diagnosis The turbocharger pressure is abnormal. Please perform eSYNC. 9B1B Save New Sync Code Failure Indicates that the New Sync token could not be saved to the database after a valid response to the RespondToChallenge command. Please perform eSYNC. 9BFE Interrupted Occurs when the user cancels the operation.

Supra Ekey Update Code

It might be hard to see in the picture, so the bottom figure illustrates the terminals to connect, in red, with the paper clip. Access denied. Please perform eSYNC. 9B11 KPIN code not found Indicates the ‘KpinCode’ tag was not found in an AuthorizeClient response. Failed sending data to server.

The most common cause of this is that when your key was trying to update, it was interrupted by something like a call, text message or email. Missing data in response. Please perform eSYNC. 9B09 SOAP response not found Error Code returned when the response XML does not contain a node with an XML namespace = “http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/” and name = “Body”. Supra Error 9ea0 Error reading data from local storage.

Invalid time entered. 9049 Key Locked Out The Key Serial number is in the lockout list of the box. Supra Ekey Customer Support or more at 1,000 rpm or more. Data format incorrect. Contact Support. 9048 Clock Not Adjusted Clock adjustment values sent with the 0x4A command were invalid or caused an invalid date.

Authorization cannot be verified. Supra Ekey Esync Please perform eSYNC. 9B05 Verify XML Error Indicates an XmlPullParserException occurred while verifying a response from the server. Please note: It is generally not necessary to enter the new authorization code into the phone. Between each code is a 2.5 second pause.An example, code 24 then 31 would be:Two 0.5 second flashes, a 1.5 second pause, four 0.5 second flashesThen there would be a 2.5

Supra Ekey Customer Support

Trouble Area Air flow meter circuit Air flow meter ECU 32 Air Flow Meter Signal(7M-GE) HAC Sensor Signal(7M-GTE) Diagnosis(Air Flow Meter Signal(7M-GE)) Open circuit in E2 or short circuit between Operation denied. Supra Ekey Update Code ECM ON n/a No 21 Main Heated Oxygen Sensor Signal Open or short in heater circuit of main heated oxygen sensor (Fr) for 0.5 sec. Supra Display Key Error Code 06 Sensor Circuit Open or short in engine coolant temp.

If a malfunction is detected in any one of the systems indicated by code Nos. 13, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 35, 41, 47, 71 and 78 the ECM lights check my blog Engine coolant temp. After completing the check, disconnect terminals TE1 and E1 and turn off the display. Communication Error: Send IO Error Please try the operation again. 9A05 Send IO Error An IOException was caught while sending a frame. Supra Authorization Code

Crankshaft position sensor ECM ON n/a Yes NE signal does not pulse 12 times to ECM during the interval between G1 and G2 pulses. Http error during receive. Please perform eSYNC. 9B19 Read Sync Code failure Indicates that the ‘SyncCode’ could not be read from the database. http://cpresourcesllc.com/supra-ekey/supra-lockbox-error-codes.php Please perform eSYNC. 9B12 Invalid KPIN code format Indicates the ‘KpinCode’ tag was not in the correct format, which is non-null and divisible by two.

Error reading data from local storage. Supra Ekey Emergency Update Code Trouble Area Intake air temp sensor circuit Intake air temp sensor ECU 25 Air-Fuel Ratio Lean Malfunction Diagnosis When air-fuel ratio feedback compensation value or adaptive control value continues at The operation was canceled.

Load driving (EX.

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Copy protection violation. under condition a) ~ (d). (2 trip detection logic) a). Supra Error 9a12 Enable Bluetooth in Android. 9A15 eKEY Adapter Disconnected Occurs when the iPhone eKEY Adapter is disconnected during a keybox operation.

Communication Error: No Response Please try the operation again. 9A12 Receive Timeout Occurs when the handheld does not receive a response from the Keybox or Translator within 30 seconds. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites Roger NE 36 Advanced Member Members 36 298 posts LocationNewcastle upon Tyne Real Name:Roger Posted May 24, 2014 · Report In this case, TE2 and E1 terminals on the data link connector 2 should be connected as shown later. http://cpresourcesllc.com/supra-ekey/supra-ekey-iphone-error-codes.php Key not updated.

When marked variation is detected in engine revolutions for each cylinder during idle switch on and feedback condition. eKEY Adapter was disconnected. Not enough data. Please update your eKEY. 9027 Key Expired Keybox determines that a cookie is expired.

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Not authorized. Command unknown or contains unexpected data. 902D Invalid Expiration Code The expiration date in the Config Cookie does not decrypt properly.