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Supra Key Error Code 07


UNSUCCESSFUL Other errors. KeyBox not accessible. Incorrect Shackle code. Please update your eKEY. 9047 No Public Information Area The Keybox memory map is not configured properly. check over here

D2 Operational restriction during SET/CLEAR TIMED ACCESS D3 Operation restriction during release shackle E1 Owner only violation Do not attempt access. Access denied. Not authorized to open KeyBox. 902A Unknown Cookie Type The keybox is sent a cookie type it does not understand. Missing data in response.

Supra Ekey Update Code

Please try the request again. LOW BATTERY Place your DisplayKEY in the Cradle to recharge the Key's battery. Error Message Action NOT AUTHORIZED OBTAIN KEY or RELEASE SHACKLE functions fail because: 1) The Key is not updated. Key is expired.

PROGRAMMING ANOTHER ESYNC PHONE NUMBER The DisplayKEY is programmed with the phone number that the Cradle uses to call KIMnet for performing an eSYNC. Please perform eSYNC. 9B17 New Sync Code Not Found Indicates the ‘NewSyncCode’ tag was not found in an AuthorizeClient response. Obtain a Manual Update Code · Call KIMvoice to obtain an update code On or after the expiration date, call KIM at 888-968-4032. Supra Display Key Update Please perform eSYNC. 9B15 Sync Code Location not found Indicates the ‘SyncCodeLoc’ tag was not found in an AuthorizeClient response.

Please enter an eKEY Authorization code. 9B0F Sync Code Not Found Indicates the ‘SyncCode’ tag was not found in an AuthorizeClient response. Programming) due to KPin being incorrect. Memory error. 906B Read Write Permission Denied The current operation mode and permissions do not allow the memory address to be read or written. Access denied.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. Supra Display Key Stuck On Connecting To Cradle Access only allowed to owner of KeyBox. 9045 Invalid Challenge Response The programming base response is incorrect. If error remains displayed, the DisplayKEY or Cradle must be replaced. Key is not updated.

Supra Display Key Error Code 06

This allows you to obtain an update code and view information about the KeyBoxes assigned to you in that MLS. When the transfer of information is complete, the light turns back to green and the DisplayKEY shows a single dot (.) to indicate the battery is charging. Supra Ekey Update Code Scroll through the functions to MANUAL UPDATE OR CBS. Supra Ekey Error Codes Key is on lockout list. 904A Crypto Keys Already Rolled A second crypto rollover was tried after an initial successful rollover.

Missing data in response. check my blog Error Messages The following error messages may appear on the DisplayKEY screen when a function is unsuccessfully performed. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. To view or change the eSYNC phone number: 1. Supra Display Key Software

This means that the local database is not initialized or corrupt. The displayed error indicates whether it is a Key or Cradle problem. 14 Write base's EEPROM error 15 Checksum error Replace the DisplayKEY and Cradle. 16 No update DisplayKEY was removed Please update your eKEY. 9079 Wrong Serial or System Code A cookie does not match the serial number or system code of the Keybox. this content If Key cannot be reset, phone SUPRA Support. 3A Premature line break Repeat eSYNC procedure. 3B CBS mismatch Affiliate card error only. 40 Key expired Update your DisplayKEY. 5A PIO received

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Supra Ekey Customer Support Contact Field Support. 907D Invalid Update Code Keybox fails to decrypt the renewal bytes in a cookie. Sat: (Walk-ins only) 10:00 a.m.

On your computer, in the lower right-hand corner, near the time, locate and double-click the GE Icon Click If     is selected, click     If     is selected

Contact Field Support. 9070 One Time Access error Keybox reports the GUID associated with One Time Access Code or One Time Cookie has already been used. Communication Error: Cookie Lookup Failure Please try the operation again. 9A0C Discover Bluetooth Error Occurs when a Bluetooth Exception occurs during the device discovery sequence. Perform a wireless or obtain and enter an emergency update code. 907E No More Access Log Entries No more entries are available in the access log. Supra Ekey Esync Access denied.

Access denied. Connection failed. Please perform eSYNC. 9B02 Receive IO Error Indicates an IOException occurred while receiving from the server. have a peek at these guys Please try the request again.

Error codes recorded in the DisplayKEY error audit trail appear in the list below. Four beeps sound and successful appears in the Key’s screen when the update is successful. Please update your eKEY. 9027 Key Expired Keybox determines that a cookie is expired.